Dean Bentley

I approach my painting much as I do other learning experiences. I conceptualize, visualize and analyze a bit, then dive in and feel my way through the layers. I tend to be drawn to vibrant colors and heavy textures. I love organic materials and initially only painted on wood. If the brush and paint feel right then the end product is usually satisfying. As I paint I seek to return to that childlike place in my mind where everything is a beautiful discovery.

I continue to explore and learn as I refine my style. Someone once said, “Our eyes are the gateway to our Soul”; so true. I also believe that our hands express our Souls. Painting brings much peace and insight to my Soul. I look forward to expressing great things and hope you enjoy what you experience here.

Fall 2012 Work

Summer 2012 Work

Spring 2012 Work


2011 Work


2010 Work

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