Artist Emily Ozier and her husband John reside in Memphis, Tennessee with their three children. Primarily self-taught, her artwork is characterized by the building up of the canvas by layering colors of paint.

The daughter of a Cuban American, Emily’s expressive style and bold strokes, may find their origins in her Spanish roots. Her work can be found in private and public collections in Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Florida, and Maryland.

“An artist must educate himself; he cannot be educated, he must test things our as they apply to himself; his life is one long investigation of things and his own reaction to them. If he is to be interesting to us it is because he renders a very personal account. . . All art that is worthwhile is a record of an intense life, and each individual artist’s work is a record of his special effort, search, and findings, in a language especially chosen by himself and devised best to express him. . .” Robert Henri 1848

Summer 2012 Work


Spring 2012 Work


Fall 2011 Work


Summer 2011 Work


March 2011


Archive of Emily’s work

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