Jan Keels

Jan Keels lives in a unique place.  It is a world of images, visions and spiritual qualities, which require constant discovery and exploration.  She lives in a region through which the sun and the moon, stars and the wind, the mountains, rivers and flowers flow in a magical rhythm.  A minute can last a day , a day may last an hour – but in her art, Jan experiences all seasons of the heart.

She invites you to explore this world with her.  Those things closest to her are expressed in bright colours, soulful words and fluid sketches.  Jan is secretive, but her artwork is liberating.  She often finds the real world complex and moody, so her images are romantic.  Jan discovers modern-day life, love and spirituality very fragile, so her artwork bonds commitment to truth.  “I yearn to capture the invisible,” said Jan –  “love, faith, growth, fulfillment, a heartbeat.”  Some people will wonder where Jan finds such concepts in a sometimes lost and misguided world.  She has decided to create these strengths out of chaos, and by doing so she has tapped the unexpressed wishes and spiritual energy bound in each of us.  When she disappears into her work, we are found.  When she invokes the fears that chain us, we are freed.  And in doing so, we find a world where every day is a celebration of thought, of feeling, of love, love lost and love rediscovered . . . a celebration of the heart which has learned to survive.

Jan lived in the French Quarter for twenty years before meeting her husband, Jeff. Jan, Jeff, and Percy live in New Orleans, in a small cottage, where they enjoy the diversity of many cultures, artistic visions and the city in which they fell in love.

Late Summer 2013 New Work

Summer 2013 Work

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