Laine Barley

While my sons were young I studied oil painting under Kathy Hunt and several other teachers whose names I’m sorry I can’t remember. The next thing I knew it had been almost 30 years and I had not painted a thing. I met an amazing 90 year old woman who challenged me to show up at her art class. She was so full of life and energy I was embarrassed to offer any excuses for why I couldn’t find time for something I had loved so much. After painting a few weeks she told me that I was already an artist and that she would give me the main thing I was missing…..confidence. When she (Mrs. Hazel King) introduced me to painting with acrylics it quickly became my play ground. I would leave a stressful job, go home and feel depleted or go paint and feel refreshed. In the last 2 years I have painted beside several well known local artists and been fortunate to be able to study them at work. I hope you enjoy my paintings and if you find the desire to create your own work of art, I look forward to painting with you. I love seeing people tap into their creative side which I believe God has placed in everyone.

Fall 2011 Work

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