Lauren Dunn

Lauren, an artist from Nashville, TN, grew up in the heart of the Mississippi delta, Leland, MS. She attained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design with a minor in painting from Delta State University and went on from college to teach high school and middle school art for seven years. After marrying her husband, Nathan, she took a break from work to fulfill her most important calling in life-raising her two sweet boys, Stratton and Parks. Now that life is “calmer”, she has devoted herself to her passion.

Lauren’s passion is painting and her paintings are full of great texture, depth and color. “I love color and I love playing with color.” It is so much fun to layer different colors and to see how one plays off of another! They just dance together and create such visual interest.” Lauren’s paintings are very loose and impressionistic in style and she enjoys painting flowers, landscapes, cityscapes, etc. “I love to break down my subject matter into more simple shapes of colors. You don’t get lost in the details….you get lost in the feeling the painting evokes.” Painting is such a blessing to Lauren and she delights in her opportunities to share them with others. “I get lost in creating….my art is an expression of me, my beliefs, and my life experiences. I am so very thankful!”

Summer 2013 New Work

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