Ruth Moses

I grew up in an extraordinarily creative environment and began painting when I was around four years old. It was the activity that took center stage in our household, and my parents encouraged me at every step of my education, which began with their instruction and guidance.

My father, D.L. Roberts, studied at the Art Student’s League in New York while a young man. He later met my mother, Pauline, also an artist. They married and settled in rural Connecticut, where their artistic serenity was temporarily unsettled by the birth of myself and my brother, Paul. From our earliest years, my brother and I entered into the profession of making and selling art. We accompanied our parents to art fairs throughout Connecticut and on Cape Cod, where they had secured gallery representation in Orleans, Wellfleet and North Truro. I became familiar with all mediums, and by the time I entered college I had already been a practicing artist for years.

After high school, I attended Hartford Art School, majoring in Painting and Sculpture, and the Heatherly School of Fine Arts in London before spending several years touring European museums and major exhibits, continuing my sketching and painting.

It’s interesting that while in France one summer I worked in the vineyards of the Côte d’Azur. This enchanting, sunlit time in my life sparked my appreciation of fine wine, and of all the accouterments surrounding it—colorful sparkling glasses, mysterious liquids of deep dark red, expansive fields in Mediterranean sun, and of course the labels, which to an artist are as distinctive and as much to be treasured as the wine itself.

While in Saint Tropez, my life’s path took a new, exciting direction. I had the good fortune to be “discovered” by Brigitte Bardot, who introduced me to executives at Polydor Records in Europe. Music also had been predominate in my family upbringing, and I had been singing in historic restaurants both in the United States and Europe to support my education. For the better part of a decade, I toured as a recording artist and appeared regularly on television and in several movies throughout Europe and the United States, achieving a top-forty record in Europe along the way. These tours took me to most major European cities, where I visited all of the major museums, continuing always to study and draw from the Masters while I bided my time until becoming an artist again.

These years are featured in the book, Getting To Nantucket: An Artist’s Journey, by Kerry Hallam, currently a highly successful artist living on Nantucket, who was my singing partner and first husband—as well as lifelong friend. It’s an interesting footnote that my current husband, the writer and painter Jeffrey Moses, ghostwrote Kerry’s autobiography. The book is selling well in galleries around the United States.

Thereafter, I returned to the United States and established a career in graphic design and illustration while continuing my fine arts. I founded my own design firm that sold to a larger company. That freed me to pursue and deepen my fine art studies, initially in pastel and then in oils and acrylics.

Now, of course, my art focuses on themes of fine wine, incorporating real wine labels into the paintings. These paintings have found their way into the wine cellars, dens, kitchens and living rooms of a growing number of wine and art appreciators.

Fall 2012 Work

Summer 2012 Work

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