Sonya Edwards

Born in Alaska and raised in Texas, painting has always been a major part of my life. Much of my time is spent chasing and playing with my 6 year old son, 2 dogs and a fish we fondly refer to as Mr. Fish Head. When I’m not pulling out splinters or kissing and bandaging hurt knees, I am in the studio painting and dreaming up images. These two things-my family and painting-are my greatest passions in life.

Early mornings are spent in the studio, when everything is still and quiet, working on 4 to 6 canvases at a time. Paint is applied to paper or canvas, adding and taking away color, working in layers and texture with little critical thought, creating images which are spontaneous and full of energy and spirit.

Summer 2013 New Work

Summer 2012 Work

Spring 2012 Work

Fall 2011 Work

2011 Work

2010 Work

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